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Welcome to Wild Woods ....

Wild Woods is a Prime Time Emmy Award winning 15,000 sq.ft digital audio post production facility servicing the television, film and multi media industries.

Wild Woods offers a variety of in-house support services that add quality, convenience and costs savings to your overall post production requirements.

Video Finishing Services are provided in-house through Atlas Digital

Music Catalogs, Indie Artists, Popular Songs and Original Composition licensing and services are provided in-house through DL Music

Descriptive Video and Spanish simulcast SAP requirements, Reversioning, Music Replacement and Enhancement services along with Composite Track Separation technology are provided in-house through XTracks

Wild Woods credits include some of REALITY'S biggest programs, such as FOX's "Master Chef", "Nanny 911", "Hells Kitchen", "Kitchen Nightmares", CBS's "Under Cover Boss", "Live To Dance" "Survivor", NBC's "Last Comic Standing", "Jillian Michaels", "Fear Factor", "American Gladiator", "Biggest Loser" and "The Apprentice", ABC's "Super Nanny", "School Pride", Wipe Out", "I Survived a Japanese Game Show", Bravo's "Real Housewives of ....", Tabatha's Salon", National Geo's "Dog Whisperer", VH1's "Buried Life" and TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras" and "Police Woman" to name a few.

SCRIPTED credits include My Network TV's telanovello's "Fashion House", "Watch over Me" and "Desire", Disney's "Lizzy McGuire", "Fight 29 Down" and "Gulliver Quinn" Nickelodeon's "Summer Camp" and a wide variety of FEATURE DOCUMENTARY and CABLE DOCUMENTARY programming.

Experience the creative and sophisticated outdoors-indoors environment at our convenient location near Universal City, California.

Wild Woods offers Original Score, Instrumental Catalog, Pre-Cleared Indie Artists and Easy Clear Popular Song Catalogs through its sister company DL Music publishing and creative services. For more information contact Wild Woods or visit DL Music